Tan Chinos Are The Secret Weapon You Didn't Know You Had


In this no-rules era of menswear, some of our most trusted wardrobe staples have rebelled.


Dress shirts are boxy and big now, topcoats are plaid or bright yellow and, tan chinos, one of the most reliable items in the menswear canon, have broken free. Like that guy at your job who never says anything and then gets real loose at the company holiday party, these pants have done a complete 180.


Regardless of what your personal style is, you should embrace this moment of chino drunkenness. It’s fun! And since when have tan pants been fun?


As one would expect, styling tan chinos is quite easy. Think of them as the topic of the conversation, while letting your shirt do the talking. For instance, tan chinos and a solid color hoodie or an army surplus thermal is a very chill combination. In the summer months, forgo the layers entirely and just focus on a light and airy printed shirt with a slightly cooler fit. Do what feels good instead of what seems right—you know, live a little. It’s nearly impossible to mess-up with tan chinos.


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