3 Easy Rules To Pulling Off Turtlenecks


I must admit the points for difficulty are pretty high when it comes to this high-collar matter.


That is why I have put together three easy rules to follow when shopping for turtlenecks. These tips will help guide you through uncharted territory and out of your comfort zone so you can be your most confident self when wearing your turtleneck this fall.


Words by Reinaldo Irizarry
Photos taken in Paris, France



Turtlenecks come in all shapes and sizes, but if this is new territory for you, my advice is that you go thin. A thin turtleneck is much more versatile and easier to pull off than a chunky sweater one because you can treat it just like a long sleeve shirt.



Since you’re going for a thin turtleneck (which I said you can treat like a shirt) this means you can also tuck it in like you would a shirt. Tucking your shirt in is the easiest way to elevate even the most casual of looks. If you plan on tucking-in your turtleneck, your trousers should come up high enough so that you don’t spontaneously untuck when you raise or fold your arms.



Lastly, (and probably most importantly) you should never wear a turtleneck to hide any imperfections or physical flaws like extra chins. No hiding behind turtlenecks. Find the one that you like and you feel comfortable in so that when you wear it out, you wear it as confidently as you would anything in your wardrobe.


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With the triumphant return of fall, there are a ton of turtleneck options on the marketplace today. If you don’t like any of the ones I’ve picked here, you can check out Zara, Asos, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Mr Porter and COS which is one of my favorite stores for quality basics.