Your Complete Guide To Customized Fashion


As kids we begged our parents to buy us the same shoes everyone was wearing at school. Ironically, now as adults we’d do anything to stand out. Aside from tattoos and funky haircuts, the easiest, simplest and quickest way to project your uniqueness and individuality is through customized fashion.


There’s an appeal and a degree of smug that comes with knowing that no one else is going to have a pair of stonewash jeans ripped to your specific liking, that boasts patches you chose ironed on, squiggles in yellow thread decorating each pocket, peace signs drawn with ballpoint pen and the words “SAVED BY ROCK N’ ROLL” embroidered in red chainstitch on the waistband. Boom! We get it. 


It’s that desire for these unique, specially made, beacons of self expression, that have pushed brands such as Levi’s to deliver full design-it-yourself services. Add some attitude with patches from Etsy and pins from Pintrill, or find your nearest Levi’s Tailor Shop for more permanent flair with embroidery, stenciling and distressing. There’s only two rules: get creative and make it your own. On that note, I present to you my complete customization mood board and bank of ideas. Your personalized wardrobe awaits.


What you can get customized

Everything in Levi’s incredible assortment which includes jeans, overalls, denim tops, chambray shirts and trucker jackets. I’ve picked some of my favorite pieces for you to shop and personalize: 501 Original Fit Jeans in Light Stonewash and Optic White, Barstow Western Denim Shirt in Red Cast Stone, Mighty Made Tee in Heavyweight White, Sunset One Pocket Button Down Shirt in White, 511 Slim Cut‑Off Shorts in Broomstick, and Levi’s Trucker Jacket in Light Stonewash






The key here is to have fun with it and inject your personality into everything you do. I hope this post inspires you to personalize your favorite fashion pieces, and if you have any questions about customized fashion or want to share some of your ideas, remember that you can always ask me anything in the comment bow below. Until next time and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get Reyal Fashion sent straight to your inbox.