How To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe


Less doesn’t mean boring

What does it mean to be a minimalist? Basically, it’s a style with little or no variation on the color palette and even less rules pertaining to shapes or silhouettes. Minimalists like things clean, neat and uncluttered.

To have a minimalists wardrobe is to appear impossibly effortless. And while it’s true that less is more, minimalist style doesn’t have to be boring and sterile. Getting the look does involve some groundwork, so here are some style points to consider when taking on a clean slate.



While minimalists aren’t ones for prints and patterns, there is room to experiment with color. A minimalist palette is typically made up of black, navy, grey, and white, but your color choices shouldn’t stop there.

A new approach to consider is monochromatic dressing, where you opt for items in the same color with very subtle variation in tonality. For example, a head-to-toe look incorporating 3 different shades of green is still considered minimalist dressing.



Minimalists make their biggest statement by experimenting with the shape, silhouette or cut of their outfit. This is where you get to bend the rules of dressing and play with proportions. That means cropped lengths, boxy shapes and oversized silhouettes are all fair game. Basically, shape is a free-for-all. It adds to the whole this-just-happened look.



Texture refers to the aesthetic and overall “feel” of your finished outfit. In minimalism, contrasting fabric types, densities and washes is the best way to inject some interesting factor into a one or two color look.

Denim is a great way to add textural density and color to an outfit, while leather and knits add textural depth. But ultimately, cotton is king.

Unlike the other fabrics, cotton can be worn all-over. All you have to do is vary the weight between each piece. In the end, think clean cut pieces, quality fabrics and items void of too much detail.



Take your minimalist look a notch further by incorporating matching accessories in similar tones.


Where to shop?

Minimalist clothing cuts away the excess colors, patterns and prints, relying on simplicity to do the talking. However, finding the right place to shop a minimalist wardrobe has become an ordeal in a market dominated by collab-frenzied designers and high street labels.

But worrying you will not do, because I have done most of the hard work for you. This sensible list of minimalist brands will help you cut through the nonsense and bring your wardrobe back to a foundation of accessible fundamentals that help you do more with less.