You Don't Need A Color Wheel To Try Color Blocking


If you’re not much of a prints person, tapping into interesting color combinations is a great way to show more of your personality.


Color blocking is one of my personal favorite things to play with in the spring and summer; it adds instant character to your wardrobe while still remaining classic.


Bold contrasting colors like the ones here are not for wallflowers, so if you’re a little weary of such eye-catching mix, you can opt for subtle contrast in washed out shades of the same color.

Reach for muted tones when getting dressed for the office, and brighten your color palette when you’re going off duty.


Personality isn’t only in the patterns or color combinations, it’s also in the way you wear your clothes. Seemingly insignificant details like pleats or tucking your shirt in can give you a relaxed and sometimes sexy look, while still looking sharp.

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This is how I style mine but there are plenty of ways to incorporate a little color blocking into your spring and summer wardrobe. Always keeping in mind that color blocking is meant to be embraced from head to toe. 


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