Where Is Your Watch Going?


In partnership with Wittnauer

In the real world a man needs a timepiece that suits his lifestyle, because its practical purpose is its most important attribute. 


Will it be used to time your lap speed, your flying speed, or your lunch hour? The cellphone in your pocket can probably do all of the above, and while that’s great, nothing punctuates your outfit like strapping on a watch.


Think of it as you would a tie; even if it’s not purely functional, it plays an integral role in what it means to be a sharply dressed man. Like any other items in your wardrobe, your watch needs to make sense with the rest of your outfit. 


It should reflect your style, so if you have a preppy style or perhaps a minimalist approach to it, your watch should be of that style too. If you’d rather have a watch that goes with everything, one with a plain black or white face and a leather or a steel strap will do the trick. 


Finally, if you’re attending a black-tie event, you want a watch that keeps time, not flashes it. So keep the dual-compass, diamond-encrusted baller watch at home, and opt for something more subtle and unadorned with a simple black leather band.