The Art Of Jonni Cheatwood: Drippies


The work of LA-based artist Jonni Cheatwood showcases the underground of a youth community and has a garnered him a great presence in the American art scene. 


He takes an unconventional approach to the art of portraiture combining painting on photograph. In his exhibition, Drippies, Cheatwood’s work reflects playful but mysterious art by placing a burst of colors on the most iconic part of the body, the head.


As an echo to his practice, the canvasses are at times used as a shield to hide behind an abstract blurry heap of paint, as a way for the collector to take on the role of the figurant. On other occasions, it becomes the perfect frame to present a fuller picture of his work, easing our way into the mystery. 


What I’m wearing: Art-A-Porter shirt, Zara trousers, Nike sneakers, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Daniel Wellington watch