How To Make Socks And Sandals Work


In partnership with Teva

There’s a lot to be discussed when it comes to personal style, but the one thing we know for sure is that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Fashion is all about having fun and taking risks, which is something I’m sure you hear all the time. 


And it’s true, as long as you have an understanding of how the different elements of dressing all relate, you can make an outfit out of anything.


I love a good challenge so when Teva approached me to be a part of their Socks & Sandals campaign I couldn’t resist. When I’m putting together a look I always start with one focal item and work from there; so for this one I put emphasis on color and how the Richer Poorer color-block socks match the strap of the Teva sandals, making it look like a blue shoe with brown soles. That’s a shoe I can work with…so then I worked my way up from there.


Since my focal item already provided a pop of color, I kept everything else neutral. White after Labor Day? Fuck yes. Who invented that rule anyway? I paired my white jeans with a slim fitted navy t-shirt and one of my favorite pieces in my new Fall wardrobe, this huntridge field jacket from the Eddie Bauer x Ilaria Urbinati collaboration.


What I’m wearing: Eddie Bauer x Ilaria Urbinati field jacket, M. Nii graphic tee, Forever21 jeans, Teva sandals, Richer Poorer socks, Filippo Loreti watch, Thread Etiquette bracelets, Ray-Ban sunglasses


Now let’s go back and consider the humble and inconspicuous sock for a moment. It sits down at the bottommost point of your body, quietly doing its job of covering your feet and keeping them dry and warm. If it’s effectively doing it’s job, does it really need to do anything else? I like to think so.


The sock doesn’t just keep one feeling comfortable; it also expresses the mood and personality of the person wearing them. So as you’re reading this, take a second to cross one leg over the other, and when your pant leg rides up, and your socks are exposed, ask yourself this: Do I like what I see? Is it an accurate representation of my personality?