Getting Cozy In A Chunky Sweater


In this, The Golden Era of The Hoodie, it's difficult for other forms of knitwear to get much airtime. That's especially true of the chunky knit sweater, which is sometimes diametrically opposed to the sweatshirt in its sophistication and seriousness.


Ah, but there’s room for both.


Brands have found a workaround to ensure chunky sweaters don’t become completely extinct.


Instead of rendering these knits in fine cashmere (which are great and fit nicely under a suit), they bulked them just the right amount to work better with everything in your closet from track pants to casual trousers. These sportier, more streetwear-friendly knits won't be replacing hoodies as the cozy layer of choice anytime soon, but they definitely have my attention—and they should have yours, too.


A slightly cropped length gives you the chunky look without adding bulk to your midsection.


Texture for days

Wearing head-to-toe black doesn't have to be boring when you’re dealing with a 3D-texture sweater. What this sweater lacks in bold, saturated color, it makes up for in OTT texture.


You owe it to the world (but most importantly, yourself) to cozy up in a bold chunky sweater. Pair yours with cropped trousers and chunky derby shoes. This combo is a sure-fire way of conjuring your inner street style god. But don’t stop there, let your imagination run wild.