What Exactly Makes a JCPenney Suit so Great?


I’m glad you asked.

JCPenney has the suits you need to stay cool in the face of high-pressure workdays and destination weddings alike.

In partnership with JCPenney


Nothing But The Essentials

No excess lining, no shoulder pads, nada. This is a suit stripped to its purest form, designed to drape elegantly and naturally against your physique while giving you the fewest possible sweat-inducing layers. It is difficult to engineer a suit with such little construction while also retaining a discernible structure and shape, but this JCPenney suit managed to walk that line with ease.


Versatile But Not Boring

You won’t have to think too hard about what you can pair it with. The answer is pretty much everything. Patterned shirts. Crisp white button-downs with solid silk knits. White tees or graphic tees. Brown shoes, black shoes, dad shoes, sneakers. Whatever you want to wear, whatever the situation, it’ll probably work.


That Price Tho

There’s often a huge gap in quality between the suits you can actually afford and the suits you can’t. That’s not at all the case here. This March, from now until 3/24, JCPenney is offering men’s suits at 50% OFF. You’re getting a well-tailored two-piece suit with elegant construction for half the price.


A suit that’ll stand up to whatever this season throws your way. That’s a major win any way you slice it.