A Concrete Apology

I am aware that the content on the blog has been in short supply as of late, and I apologize. 


I was on tour with JoJo for two months and then I went straight home to visit my family during the holidays. I had an incredible two weeks with them and now I am back in L.A. and working on shooting some dope looks to share with all of you. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I’ve been pretty consistent on posting daily outfit photos on there—it’s easier and faster.


Besides the outfit photos, there’s quite a few things to look forward to right here on the blog. I am in the process of moving to a new apartment and have been pulling a ton of inspiration which I’ll share with you soon. I am visiting some amazing places in Europe this year and plan to share the experiences with you via the Travel page.

I’m thinking of brining back the #fineapplesonly party this year, and every year after. This was such a fun party (to plan and attend) and I love creating an opportunity to bring all of my friends together. Lastly, Coachella is right around the corner…and that needs zero explanation.


Thanks for stopping by! Bookmark me and check me out every week, or sign up for my newsletter and I will inbox you when new blog posts arrive. Have a great weekend!

What I’m wearing: Forever21 coat, Matiere Collection tank, Topman trousers, Toms sunglasses, Nike Roshe sneakers.