Instagram Changes Are Coming, But When?


Earlier this month, Instagram announced an update to the social media platform where users’ feeds will show posts sorted by algorithm, instead of its reverse chronological flow. Meaning you will see posts that Instagram thinks you will want to see first, rather than the most recent ones.

The Facebook-owned company never specified when the change will take place, however this weekend user pleads reached fever pitch, claiming the change will take place tomorrow. Feeds have been flooded with users asking followers to ‘turn on notifications’ (myself included) and suggesting this will be the only way they will continue to see their posts.


Instagram is usually pretty good at guessing what people want to see, as can be seen in the explore tab, which means that the algorithmic timeline will probably continue to show us the same people we would turn notifications on for. Right? Let’s hope so.

Turning on post notifications is relatively easy: simply click the down arrow at the top right corner of an Instagram post and choose 'Turn On Post Notifications’.


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