A Jacket That's Too Bright To Lose


Don’t carry an Oldsmobile jacket in a Tesla world. In this era of widespread personal style (of lavender sneakers and Technicolor beanies) why waste any opportunity to get your peacock on?


When your jacket is so red it looks like it comes with a siren, you’re way less likely to forget it in the Uber or at the bar. No, coatcheck will not charge you extra because your jacket is taxicab yellow. The best part is you’ll know exactly which jacket is yours when the night is over and you’re claiming your belongings. 


For most of human history, men had one jacket and they wore that every day. Now they have anywhere between two and four, so you have plenty of room for a classic black or brown jacket with extra room for some pops of color too.




I hope this post inspires you to try out a bright jacket or two. If you have any questions about this look, how to style it, where to buy it or questions about any other look on the blog, you can ask me anything in the comment box below.

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