Slides Have Graduated From The Locker Room


In the realm of men’s fashion, there are some trends that are so cringe-inducing that they become grossly interesting. Much like oysters, these so-bad-they’re-good trends are an acquired taste. You might hate them at first, but after some time and practice, you learn to love and embrace them. With that being said, I’m actually excited about slides now more than ever before.

Now, it’s a constant debate every summer on whether or not flip-flops are acceptable outside the pool or the beach, and the answer is still no. It’ll always be no. However, the good news is that we have found an exception to that rule: the slide.

No, these aren’t the shoes you wore in the shower back in your college days. This new generation of slides is bold and elevated and features bright colors and big logos that keep with the ‘90s style resurgence you’d have to be blind not to have noticed.


Slides have made appearances on runways from designer brands like Gucci, Fendi, and Prada, but aren’t limited to just runway models and street style bloggers. You can also find familiar brands like Lacoste, Adidas and Puma embracing the look too.


The best part is that with the right amount of styling, you can actually wear slides in the city. No way! (Yes way.) The reason slides are your ticket to comfortable footwear on the street is because covering the tops of your feet instead of splaying your toes apart in flip flops, is simply less jarring too look at. Add in a bold color and a logo that pops and you have a look that’s far less “basic bro” than a plain old pair of flip flops.





Even if you’re not quite sure what to make of the whole thing, this seems to be further proof that "not caring" is the new "I care so much." Consider it your warning: #dormcore is here to stay. (For now at least.)

I hope this post inspires you to slide into something more comfortable this summer. (See what I did there?) If you have any questions about what slides are right for you, how to style them or questions about any other look on the blog, drop your question in the comment box below. Have a great day and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get Reyal Fashion sent straight to your inbox.