The Summer Plaid Suit


When most of us think of plaid suits, we think fall, tweed, and aging men with canes. We don’t think of crashing a wedding reception or drinking Aperol spritz at a summer outdoor cocktail party – but maybe its time we start thinking that way.


The variety of plaid suits on the market today prove that the plaid you buy can whisper or it can roar. The bigger the pattern and sharper the color contrast, the more heads you’ll turn. The shirt and tie you choose also affect the dynamics. A polo with a suit? Slick. A polo with a plaid suit? Even slicker. If this is the direction you’re going, opt for a solid polo that echoes one of the colors in your plaid.


After pulling the trigger on a new plaid suit, you might be left scratching your head wondering what to do with it. Really, the answer is: do whatever you want. You can wear it to a summer wedding. You can wear it with white sneakers and a t-shirt, or you can carry it into the fall and pair it with a turtleneck and Chelsea boots.





Balance the old-school pedigree of a plaid suit with a new-school attitude. The difference between these suits and the ones gathering dust at thrift stores is all in how they’re cut. You want a suit that is slim, with a slightly shorter jacket and narrow pants that taper all the way to your ankles.

Let the lines be your guide. A plaid suit has a built-in color that you can riff on as you pick a shirt and tie. However, you don’t always have to dress to the nines; your plaid suit can also handle a pair of sneakers and an open shirt.

Lastly, think of a suit as pants and a jacket–not as a matching set. Justifying spending money on a suit is easy when you break it up. Today it’s the full suit; tomorrow it’s the jacket as a blazer; and on some weekends, you give your jeans a break and rock your plaid pants.


I hope this post inspires you to try out a plaid suit this summer. If you have any questions about plaid suits, how to style them, where to buy them or questions about any other look on the blog, you can always leave your questions in the comment box below.

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