Make One Of These Watches Your New Daily Timepiece


Watches are fun again. And when I say fun, I’m talking about it more from a general aesthetic standpoint than functionality. I’m well aware that timekeeping these days comes in the shape of a large square electronic device also known as a cell phone.

The good news about the watch market today is that there are more choices than ever before and at every price point. That’s also the bad news. It’s hard to single out the right watch from the literal thousands of options made available, and even more so, when a lot of those choices look–well–the same. 


That’s where these timepieces come in. These are the watches that took the traditional codes of watchmaking and turned them on their ear. They’re the watches that didn’t subscribe to every hallmark of traditional timepiece design but challenged them instead. 

Every watch lover, even the most amateur, knows that you don’t wear your fancy watch on a weekend camping trip. You save that baby for special occasions. Alternately, you shouldn’t wear your field watch to your sister’s wedding. That kind of once-in-a-lifetime event deserves something a bit more refined. 


While those may seem like obvious examples, knowing what watch to wear when can be a little tricky. So because I can’t always teach you to read the room (or the invitation), I went ahead and picked these six fail-proof beauties for you to choose from. There’s something for every occasion, from your next job interview to your best friend’s wedding (or your own) to the honeymoon that follows. Take a look and start shopping.





People pay a lot of attention to hands. Put yours in the best light with a watch that shows you’ve got great taste. Bonus: This brown strap watch from Daniel Wellington goes with literally everything you already own.

I hope this post inspires you to enlist your wrist and complete your looks with a classic timepiece. If you have any questions about what watches to shop for, how to style them or questions about any other look on the blog, ask me in the comment box below. Have a great day and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get Reyal Fashion sent straight to your inbox.