Getting Valley High


Who’s excited for the long weekend? I am…but my reasons surprise me. I recently moved to a new apartment and I’ve been spending most of my down time there. 

The last couple of days were spent cooking, shopping groceries and doing laundry, and I’m excited for the long weekend so I can hang frames (I’m making a sick gallery wall) and to bake. Who is this adult inside of me? Get him out!


Anyway, I hope your plans are a little more exciting than mine. Remember no fun time is worth your life, so if you’re drinking please avoid getting behind the wheel and take an Uber instead. (Use my promo code x169u to get a free ride) Have a blast and be safe but please do not behave ;)


What I’m wearing: Valley High oversized tee (buy it here), H&M jeans, Timberland boots, Feltraiger hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses