Straight-Leg Jeans From Banana Republic

In partnership with Banana Republic

In partnership with Banana Republic


Denim is intrinsic to our lifestyle, and given the vast options, plain old blue jeans are everything but plain. Styles come and go, but we still rely on denim to give us something to wear from nine to five—and then from five to ten. 

Now shopping for jeans is no easy feat. It’s an ordeal of skinnies, slims, straight legs and boot cuts. But finding a good pair of jeans shouldn’t cause you a headache. A lot of retailers, such as Banana Republic, now include information about each cut and tips on how to style them. The most important thing to remember when you’re purchasing jeans is that you should feel confident in them.


The purpose of your jeans is to complement your wardrobe—not to define it.

A couple other things to keep in mind. All denim tends to stretch a little with time, so it’s okay if they’re a little snug when you buy them. Of course, make sure they’re riveted—a pair of jeans without rivets is just a pair of blue trousers. Be realistic and honest with yourself; while the idea of a skinny silhouette may be appealing, the fact is that skinny jeans look better on skinny people, so don’t go there if your proportions aren’t right. The pocket size also plays an integral part: tiny back pockets will make you look larger, while oversized pockets can be unflattering, so it’s important to find a balance.


What I’m wearing: Banana Republic shirt and jeans, WESC jacket, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Steve Madden sneakers, Daniel Wellington watch


Here I’m wearing straight-leg jeans. A classic style and a wardrobe staple that adapts to most looks and is easy to wear in almost every wash. This style works for most men and can be teamed with a blazer and a collared shirt for a smart look, or with a T-shirt and sneakers for a more casual one.