Hoodies With Something To Say


Last year it was all about band T-shirts. Now it’s all about resurrecting your high school wardrobe with the comfortable, perfectly uncomplicated logo hoodie.


Unlike the latest tour merch and runway sweats, you don’t need to be a hypebeast or in-the-know teen to wear them. Find a heritage brand, sports team, or catchy phrase you like, pick a color, and you’re done.

At the start of it, the purpose of graphic t-shirts and hoodies was to show allegiance to a band, a sports team, a social cause, or a preferred skateboard brand.


Today, however, brands are serving up options that let you express more than just your interest in extracurricular activities and humanitarian initiatives. With angry, provocative, and occasionally empathetic slogans, it's like they're saying "here, let it all out". And from the looks of it, there’s plenty of people with a lot to say.




You can find slogan t-shirts and hoodies in all price ranges. Or you can always just stick with speaking your mind through, you know, late-night Facebook status updates.