Rowenta Steam ‘N Press Is The Ultimate Travel Companion

Sponsored by Rowenta

Sponsored by Rowenta


Those who know me, know that my OCD goes beyond a categorized closet and perfectly aligned picture frames. I have a borderline compulsion with smoothing out wrinkles, which has been going for as long as I remember.

Growing up, I would give myself an extra thirty minutes when getting ready to iron my clothes before school, which sometimes even included my underwear. Working as a fashion stylist, my obsession with pressed clothes became an occupational concern too. In my styling career I went through many wrinkle-clearing solutions to no avail. That is until I discovered what is now my most trusted brand for clearing wrinkles to my exacting standards–Rowenta.


This very brand has launched the ultimate travel companion for someone like me. The Rowenta Steam ‘N Press is portable in size and it merges both a travel iron and a garment steamer into one. The iron removes wrinkles like a powerful full-size iron and the vertical steamer comes with a fabric brush for releasing wrinkles from delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere. Plus, it also comes with a lint pad to remove travel fuzzies from sweaters and suits.


I got to experience the versatility of the Rowenta Steam ‘N Press on a recent trip to New York City and it proved exceptional convenience. I don’t see myself traveling without it.

The Rowenta Steam ‘N Press is available at Target.