The Jacket You Will Always Have Room For


There was a time when activewear was strictly a thing of gymnasiums and playing sports; but a lot has changed. For one, the trend toward streetwear and performance wear has bled into every aspect of menswear, inspiring a lot of us to dedicate more closet space to joggers and track jackets.

Sponsored by 7Diamonds

Sponsored by 7Diamonds


7Diamonds found a way to keep the essence of classic menswear (something they are so good at) and rose to the top of the activewear wave with a tailored, waterproof jacket that has easily become my go-to jacket for travels. Perhaps you could say it was perfect timing to receive the 7Diamonds Loosid Bomber jacket in the mail just days before my trip to Barcelona.


If you’re a traveler with a list of sights you want to see, restaurants you want to eat and shopping you want to do–all in a day’s work–chances are you’re gonna wanna be comfortable. Your instinct to conduct these tasks wearing your most comfortable, chill clothes is not unwarranted but there’s also a slight probability you’ll want to sneak a photo or two for the ‘gram and you’re not gonna want to do it wearing sad baggy sweats and a t-shirt. That’s where the athleisure trend comes in.




Part track jacket and part sharp-as-hell wardrobe staple, this tailored 7Diamonds bomber will keep you feeling and looking good as you bounce around town. Finished with a tucked-in gingham shirt and some dope sneakers, and you’ve got a formula for a productive and stylish day.


The bomber can be zipped into an easy-to-carry pouch but the color palette is really what makes these jackets a piece of work. Available in navy, maroon, and pine green, there is a 7Diamonds Loosid Bomber for every day of the week.