My Favorite Denim Vest


I have a lot of denim in my closet, but truth-be-told, no one does denim like Levi’s. This vest is my favorite because it was part of a limited-edition collection that Levi’s released last year all inspired by music, which makes it that much more special. 

The Levi’s vest is covered in pins and patches and pen doodles and it also comes with the matching jeans which you can pair together for an urban take on of the Canadian tuxedo. All this denim DIY and customization is getting me excited for Coachella.


For today’s look, I up the ante on the casual factor by pairing the Levi’s denim vest with a silky loose-fitting shirt by AAP and Mr Turk tuxedo trousers. I completed the look with patent leather sneakers from Kenneth Cole and Randolph blue mirrored sunglasses.


If you don’t own a denim vest and you happen to have more than one denim jacket, you can cut the sleeves off and turn one into a vest. This is an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and try something new.