How To Spend A Weekend In New Orleans


A city known by many names, New Orleans is best known as the place you go and let the good times roll


NOLA is filled with scrumptious French-inspired Creole and Cajun food, live jazz, street performers, and a strange fascination with the dead. Life is lived well here in the Big Easy.

My previous visits to the Crescent City were quick ones but this time I got a little closer. I sorta French-kissed it if-you-will. These are some of my highlights.




Mornings aren’t the same without a cafe au lait, so it’s no surprise you’d catch me at Café du Monde at the top of my day. This place is world-famous for their beignets which are square slabs of dough fried and covered in powdered sugar. Sure, it’s a tourist trap, but it’s good, messy fun.




Oysters aren’t for me. I don’t like the shucking. I don’t like the consistency. The fishy aftertaste. They’re just not for me. However, I’d never tried chargrilled oysters which are a New Orleans specialty. This method takes the “fishy” flavor to another place entirely; the grill adds a char, while a mixture of breadcrumb, herbs, cheese, and melted butter provides a friendlier taste to my buds. So thank you Borgne Restaurant for expanding my horizons.


And then there’s crawfish. Third time’s not the charm. I still don’t like them. Although, it was quite the comedic spectacle to watch me and my friends YouTubing tutorials on how to eat crawfish at the dinner table.




Bar hopping is a different ball game when you’re doing it at the French Quarter. New Orleans is one of those rare cities where open container laws do not apply. Yup, that means you can start a drink at one bar and finish it at the next. As you should.




New Orleans is classified as one of the most haunted cities in the country. I, on the other hand, am classified as one of the most curious people in the country. Match made in…wait, are there ghosts in heaven? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, exploring the eerie side of the city was quite fascinating. I went on the Killers and Thrillers Tour which had many “Coven” references from American Horror Story.


As if that wasn’t enough of the deceased, I also visited the Museum of Death. Body bags, coffins, skull collections, crime & morgue scene photos, and antique mortician apparatuses are amongst the items on display. I am a sick-sick individual.




Your style defines your character; that has been my motto since I was in high school. Through clothing is how I best express myself, especially when traveling. New Orleans is one giant coloring book and of course, I had to dress accordingly. Shop my look below.


What I’m wearing: Dr Denim button down shirt, US Blanks t-shirt, Dr Denim chinos, Soludos espadrilles, Daniel Wellington watch, Ray-Ban sunglasses