Coachella 2017 (Neon Carnival Getup)


Following my daytime festivities on day two of Coachella, was Neon Carnival. Hell yes.

This party is the biggest highlight of my every Coachella experience. If you’re not familiar with Neon Carnival, it’s an all-night celebrity-stuffed party frequented by celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna at an airport hangar that is transformed into a full-fledged carnival. The guest-list alone is nearly three-times the size of the entire population of the host town of Thermal. That’s a lot of fucking people. Good thing there are lots of wide open spaces in the desert. This year I shared the VIP with Drake and The Weeknd, so nbd.


What I’m wearing: Coach jacket, vintage Levi’s tee, custom Levi’s jeans, Vans shoes, J.Crew hat



Levi’s is the title sponsor for Neon Carnival so what better opportunity to bring out my Levi’s couture. These 501 jeans are a limited-edition design and are slated for release on May 20th for “501 Day”. There’s only 501 of these ever made, so be sure to get yours at next month!