How To Use Glasses To Amp Up Your Style


For those of us who need some vision correction, glasses present a shopping challenge and a style opportunity all at once. You can take this chance and be more than meets the eye by using a pair of eyeglasses to amp up your style. They say that the thing a person notices most about you are your eyes, which is why you should always treat your glasses as an essential style accessory. Trust me, there’s nothing that gets more compliments than a great pair of frames.

Experimentation is encouraged when it comes to finding the right frame for you. Just because you didn’t suit the thick-frames everyone was sporting a few years ago doesn’t mean you can’t comfortably wear thin metal round glasses this year.


Picking The Right Style

The frame alone doesn’t dictate suitability, color, size, and bridge all play major roles, which is why you should always experiment and try different styles and colors – you just never know. With tailored eyewear being a leading 2018 trend, there’s a higher chance that your favorite style will actually suit you.

I recommend investing in a few pairs of classic frames to complement your personal style and different outfits. While eyeglasses trends do change, it’s never as dramatic as sunglasses. Therefore, treat your new frames as an investment and opt for high quality tailored eyeglasses that fit properly and will last you a few years. With Aspire Eyewear’s vast catalog of styles, you really can achieve your ultimate eyewear look with ease.


Translucent Frames Make A Bold (But Great) Statement

Take this crisp green polo and clear glasses combo – with just two simple pieces (and a good haircut), my outfit is complete. Clear glasses, though you would think they disappear on the face, are actually a big style statement. And the risk is worth the rewards as they turn any outfit into a legitimate ‘look’.

Why Aspire Eyewear?

I’ve tried many eyewear brands, but I can honestly say I fell in love with Aspire Eyewear as soon as I tried them on. They somehow manage to be statement-making and completely understated at the same time; the opposite of the heavy-handed frames that you see everywhere else. Their frames are incredibly thin, lightweight and comfortable.

If you’re new to the brand here’s a quick rundown: Aspire Eyewear spent years developing the materials necessary for their unique flexibility, durability, and lightweight feel. They then used these technologically advanced materials with their in-house 3D printing technology to create the product we see here today. The results speak for themselves: a diverse collection for a diverse consumer. 

Aspire Eyewear frames are only available for purchase via eye care professionals (eye doctors), which is great because this ensures a perfect fit. Click here to find a store near you.

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