A Tale of Three Cities: Amsterdam


Fashion inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. To prove it, I’ve partnered with one of my favorite photographers, Shawn Chavez, to style a lookbook inspired by three cities around the world but shot right here in Los Angeles.

In the second installment of A Tale of Three Cities, I’m drawing inspiration from Amsterdam’s Red Light District to style a look that is equally mysterious as it is fashionable.


It is very likely that you have heard of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and to be honest, everything you’ve heard is probably true. From brothels to sex theaters to museums, this place is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 


Amsterdam prides itself (and rightfully so) on its liberal attitude, embracing the fact that people may be into prostitution, soft drugs and pornography. So instead of criminalizing it, they enjoy the honesty of it all. 

If you find yourself in Amsterdam and curiosity gets the best of you (and it will), come down to the Red Light District at night when the district really comes to life and the red neon lights illuminate the inky canals.





Come back next week for the final installment of A Tale of Three Cities where I style a look inspired by Guadalajara.

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