Music Festival Look


For many of us, the beginning of 2018 feels like it was just last week but looking at the months in the calendar literally dissipate into what feels like thin air, here we are gearing up for the second quarter of 2018.


Everyone has their own reasons to celebrate the month of April. Some see it as hope for the warmer months ahead, others celebrate the end of Mercury Retrograde and then there are the music festivals. April marks the official start of music festival season.

In my (humble) opinion, music conveys emotions through sound the way that style does through clothes. As a kid, I remember going to concerts by myself and looking at what everyone was wearing and wanting so badly to have the finesse to put together outfits like the ones I saw there. It’s still today, one of my favorite things about going to concerts and music festivals.


Coachella Advice For Newcomers

This weekend is the first weekend of Coachella, and the fifth year for me. If you’re a newcomer, you might find the whole experience a little bit overwhelming so my advice to you is to plan your day and outfits in advance before heading to the festival. Make a list of the artists you want to see, the times they go on and the stages they’re playing. Once you’re on the festival grounds, give yourself enough time to walk from stage to stage (they’re long walks) and carve out time for food and bathroom breaks between acts.


The weather at Coachella changes drastically from day to night, so bring a jacket if you’re staying all night and a scarf or bandana to cover your face in the case of a sand storm. I remember getting caught in a sand storm at 3AM in the middle of the desert my first year and had nothing to cover my face with. There was sand everywhere. Here is a photo from that night.


This year I’m most excited for Cardi B. She’s not the type of artist you’d expect in the music festival circuit, but that doesn’t discount her from being an exciting one to see. Plus now that she’s announced her pregnancy, it’ll be even more interesting to see what kind of show she puts on. I’m also excited for Odesza, Kelela, SZA and of course, Queen Bey.