Going Patchwork Crazy


Since day one of the Levi’s story in 1873, wearing denim was about making it your own, whether that meant repairing the stresses of mining in the gold rush, sitting in the bath for the true shrink-to-fit experience or customizing them for personal style.


Now Levi’s has made all this easier for you with the Levi’s Tailor Shop. Be it a new pair or an old favorite you want to breathe new life into, their tailors have you covered. You can stop by any of the Levi’s Flagship stores and ask the denim specialists for exclusive services.


These exclusive services include:


Alter your Levi’s to get that bespoke look. Everything from free length alterations, colorful fabric turn-ups and tapering your favorite jeans.

Cut Offs

Breathe new life into your Levi’s items. Turn jeans into shorts ready for summer, or trucker jackets into vests for that perfect layered look.


Add a bit of you onto your Levi’s with their different monogramming & embroidery options.

Patches, Pins & Studs (My favorite!)

Customize your look and add some attitude with their range of original patches, studs and collectable pins.

Rip & Repair

The Levi’s tailors can repair rips and holes, or add them! Fix or destruct the way you want with different fraying & stitching options.


The key here is to have fun with it and inject your personality into everything you customize.