Coachella 2016 (Look 2)


To be honest, I was terrified to wear a crop top for the first time but if there’s a place to take fashion risks, Coachella is it. The eighty-something degree weather helped build courage too. 


This day was all about daytime parties and poolside hangs with Levi’s and Popsugar both simultaneously hosting their parties at the Avalon Hotel, followed by Neon Carnival…which may or may not have featured another crop top, and stay tuned for more Coachella outfits (and possibly more crop tops). Yikes!


More of my Coachella looks and a full recap of every artist I saw and parties I went to on weekends one and two


What I’m wearing: Levi’s t-shirt (turned crop), Levi’s jeans (turned shorts), J.Crew hat, Lokai bandana, Ray-Ban Club Round sunglasses, Vans shoes

Thoughts on crop tops?

Sound off in the comment box below. I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Be gentle.