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Sole Searching

The ship of square-toe lace-up shoes with rubber soles sailed years ago. Rather, the modern man goes for a shoe that is as streamlined as his wardrobe. This means a slim contour with a rounded, but not sharp, toe. They are as much stylish as they are masculine.

You don’t have to see the bottom of your shoe to know that its sole takes a good pounding. Picking the right sole should be part of the decision-making when purchasing a new pair of shoes. Do you want a bounce in your step, or do you want an everlasting sole?

There are plenty of stylish and perfectly made shoe options nowadays for the man who seeks more bounce in his step but still wants to look polished. Whether they have full rubber soles, or just rubber inlays, they provide more comfort than leather soles, especially during poor weather conditions.

Of course, they will not be as cushiony as a pair of sporty Nike Free Run sneakers, but if you want real dress shoes, Stacy Adams Shoes is the way to go. You have multiple types of soles to choose from: the slim contoured leather soles that radiate elegance and pair flawlessly with luxurious suits, or the non-leather soles, which create a great look with trim-cut suits or skinny jeans.

Style Advice 

Sweater Weather

If you want to take your look to the next level, add a sweater to the mix. It automatically adds texture to your outfit and a layer of warmth, which you are likely to need (even in Los Angeles) come February. 

Sadly, for a lot of men, blue jeans are about as colorful as their clothing choices get. I’m not by any means encouraging rainbow bright ensembles, but I believe every man should integrate a punch of color, a print or texture into every look. If you’re new to this, start with a solid colored sweater. You can build your looks around colors that complement your eyes or your complexion. If you don’t know what colors those are simply ask your girlfriend, she’ll know.

Use your imagination, but don’t let it run too wild. Every time you get dressed, pick a sweater that will make a statement, and then work from there. You don’t want too many prints competing; you want every part of your look to be complementary. For instance, if you are wearing a patterned sweater, stick with a crisp oxford shirt and maybe a polka-dot tie.

When you’re shopping for a new sweater remember that everything in your wardrobe needs to get along. Before you commit, ask yourself, will this color or that print match what I already own? Think of your wardrobe as a team: the more it works together, the stronger it will be.

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Item of Desire 

Dr. Martens Crocodile Wingtips

Ankle-high grained leather boots in tones of burgundy red. Crocodile skin texture embossed throughout. Round toe with broguing at cap. Contrasting shortwing and wingtip paneling in black. Black lace-up closure. Leather pull loop at heel collar. Tonal semi-opaque rubber sole. Tonal stitching. Leather upper, rubber sole. Made in United Kingdom. Belong in my closet.

$450 $315 at