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The Merits of Handmade Fashion

When you’re trying to create a really unique and individual look, seeing someone else wearing the same pair of shoes, sweater or hat as you can ruin your attempt to stand out. Mass-produced, ‘fast’ fashion is everywhere – but if you really want your taste and style to shine you might need to stray from the herd and look into hand-made, artisan fashion.

Just as mixing shopping center purchases with some one of a kind vintage or a family heirloom can help to elevate your outfit from mass-produced store fashion to true individual style, hand-crafted pieces can really help you to fine tune your outfit and step away from the crowd.

While a whole artisan outfit could be a little extreme, an easy way to incorporate hand-crafted pieces could be through your choice of accessories. This is especially useful for livening up a formal look, where you might be restricted to muted suit and shit combos.

Examples of formal accessories that you could look into to find some unique pieces could be ties, cufflinks or pochettes. One example of a brand that works to create these hand-made and artisan accessories is Duchamp London. Their cufflinks are unique and incredibly detailed, perfect to add some style to an otherwise plain suit, and carry a story of craftsmanship which makes them even more interesting.

The cufflinks are made by Bill Skinner, who is based in a small craft workshop and studio in Kent, England. Duchamp provide him with patterns and designs which he then turns into cufflinks by manipulating and working with metal and stone. The finished results are intricate and extravagant and add flair to formal outfits.

If you want to create an individual look, sourcing hand-made and hand-finished instead of mass-produced accessories and clothing is an ideal way of making sure your look is truly unique. You can avoid those awkward moments when you turn up to an event wearing the same as someone else – or if you both happen to be wearing carefully sourced, artisan pieces, at least you’ve found someone else in the room who has style!