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What I Wore 

Weathered in Tradition

V-neck shirt by Hanes

Denim shirt from Topman at Topshop

Hat by Rustix

Trousers by Levi’s

Sneakers by Diesel

Snake ring from Topshop

Multi-strand bracelet from H&M

Easton bracelet by Griffin

Necklace by G-Star RAW

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

About Rustix

Rustix is a brand that is inspired by its American heritage. Designer Thomas Blankenship makes wearable pieces that infuse his love for Americana with techniques he learned while building furniture and creating art. Experimenting with different textures, metals, and fabrics, Thomas developed a unique aging process in order to create pieces that not only have character, but have a story to tell.

Learn more about Rustix and shop the brand at

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Americana: The Big Return of the Cultural Movement in Fashion

What I Wore 

The Freedom to Fall

Plaid shirt by William Rast for Target

Shorts from H&M

Boots by Kenneth Cole

Bracelet by Micha Design

Ring by LUV AJ

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Starbucks drink: Iced vanilla latte

What I Wore 

Stars and Stripes

Tank by 21MEN at Forever21

Acid wash shorts from Hot Topic

Boots by Ralph Lauren

Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Leather bracelet from H&M

Cross ring from TOPMAN at TOPSHOP

Guitar pick necklace by Nicolina Royale


What I Wore 

The Summer Scarf

Striped shirt from 21MEN at Forever21

Camo from 21MEN at Forever21

Selvedge jeans from H&M

Braided belt from ZARA

Canvas bag from 21MEN at Forever21

Argyle socks from Target

Brogue oxford shoes from ZARA

Ring by LUV AJ

Leather bracelet by Burberry

Sunglasses by Wild Soul


I like scarves even when it’s not cold. Of course I’m not talking about sweltering July; I mean May or June when there’s a pleasant breeze—and I’m not talking about heavy wools either, I mean light materials like cotton, silk, and thin cashmere. Adding a light and colorful scarf gives you the perfect finishing touch, so on any windy summer day, feel free to grab a scarf and wrap it around your neck with your suit or tweed sports jacket.


LOOPED — Thinner, lighter material allows for more elaborate wrapping.

KNOTTED — Instead of flinging it loosely around your neck, wear your scarf like a tie.

ROLLED — Yes, you can pull off a bandana if you treat it as a neckerchief.

PATTERNED — The trick to making loud, busy prints work is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and subdued.

CUSTOMIZED — Personalize your scarf with interesting adornments.

LAYERED — Contrast is key when wearing multiple layers of anything, so mix long with short, patterned with solids.

- - - - -

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What I Wore 

Hang In There

Sweater shirt from Topman

Jeans from Hot Topic

Shoes from H&M

Studded skull necklace by Happiness is a $10 Tee

Scrabble ring by Micha Design

Rope bracelet from H&M

Leather bracelet by Burberry