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What I Wore 

Mustard On My Tweed

Chambray shirt, H&M. Plaid tie, ALDO (Style Advice: Plaid Ties)Vintage silver tie bar. Tweed jacket, Topman (Topshop). Mustard corduroy trousers, Club Monaco. Shoes, Royal Elastics. Leather belt, Calvin Klein. Glasses, Tom Ford. iPad case, Mujjo (gifted).

A New Way To Suit Up

Sure, a patterned or tweed jacket is traditional, but that’s no excuse for it to feel old-fashioned. A smarter way to suit up while still evoking the style of a modern-day gentleman is by pairing a well-cut blazer with an unexpected shirt and trouser combo, especially when color is introduced into the equation. The Italians pair separate jackets and trousers to produce a look that’s like a suit, but less finicky and much more adventurous. They call it spezzato. Done right, this mix-and-match approach will express your personality without compromising the fit and polish of a suit. Here’s a few tips on mastering the technique.

To welcome a change of pace during warm-weather months, interchange your light and dark suits. Pair a navy blazer with khaki trousers for a classic combination, or try the reversed for a look that is just as effective. If you’re a little more daring and are ready to enter the patterns and colors territory, a herringbone or plaid jacket lets you turn up the volume and make a statement. A black and white herringbone jacket will almost always create a shade of gray that will compliment any color. Tweed will do the same trick. When going in this direction, it is generally better to do the patterns on the top and keep the solids on the bottom.


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